Newborns are best photographed in the first 6 – 10 days of their lives as they are less easily
disturbed and far easier to position into adorable poses. If you have left it longer than this 
please do not worry we will still get beautiful images. These are my tiniest clients and the most
fleeting moments of your little one’s life. Your newborn will change so much in the first few weeks.
Those tiny fingers, those tiny toes will grow so quickly and before you know it that newborn appearance will be no longer.  The majority of my bookings are done in the first few months of pregnancy and I only schedule in 4 newborns a month.

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Where is the shoot done ?

In the first week of being a mom you need to concentrate on you and your little one and between
trying to form a routine, visitors and sleepless nights the last thing you need is to worry about
getting to me. I will come to your home and work around your routine or lack thereof. The most
important thing is making sure your baby is content, warm and happy and I will work with you to
ensure that this is how your baby stays. I recommend finding a room filled with light and warming
that room with heaters so that any wardrobe changes or naked shots can be done in a comfortable
room temperature. I do bring along lights if we are low in light but do prefer to shoot natural light.
A double bed is usually the best place. I come with backdrops and drapes so I transform your bed
into a mini newborn studio. 

Please note that I practice safety of newborn photography at all times and have done talks and written articles (see article link) as I am passionate about educating photographers on the safety of newborn photography: 

How can you prepare for your newborn Shoot?

Newborns are best photographed in what he or she was born wearing.  For the last feed before I arrive please undress your baby down to a nappy and wrap warmly in a blanket. 

I suggest you have wetwipes/nappies/comforters/dummies close by.  My priority is keeping your baby happy and second to that, creating beautiful images.

For some guidance on what to wear please read the article I wrote below.  Please note that this is merely guidance and the most important thing is for you to be comfortable in what you are wearing.  Black however is not recommended for newborn shoots as it can be quite harsh next to a milky newborn skin.  Grey is preferred if you want a darker colour or even browns.  Have a read …

A bit about my style of working

I am a very patient person and I like to work in a quiet tranquil environment so I can put all my
energy into keeping your little one happy. I take my time posing them and if at any point they are
not enjoying it I suggest we stop for a while and then start again after 10 minutes of being fed or
being in your arms. If at any point you feel uncomfortable with what I am doing please feel free to
say so. I am very gentle and warm with the little ones and I don’t like to push them further than they
need to be. I respect that some mothers are very cautious about newborns being exposed to germs
so you will notice that I make sure my hands are washed and sterilized before I begin shooting and
at no time will I go ahead with a shoot if I have even the slightest of flu bugs lurking.

Timing ?

Newborns are best photographed when they are sleeping or very content for obvious reasons.
Nobody wants photos of a crying or uncomfortable baby. The photographic honeymoon time is
just after a feed. (burped, changed and very sleepy!) Most times none of this ever goes to plan so
we work around your babies needs and wait until your baby is ready. Every baby is different and
every photo session is different. I cannot guarantee that everything we set out to achieve will be
achieved but I can guarantee beautiful photos of your baby’s first days.

I AM PREGNANT Do I have to confirm an actual date now ?

I only take 4 newborn shoots a month so I can be flexible around your due date.  Once you have booked your spot and provided me with a booking form and deposit I schedule in your due date or c-section date (if available yet) and I am then on standby during that month for your shoot.

I ask that you get your husband/partner to notify me as soon as your baby is born so that I know that in the next 4 – 10 days I can expect to do your shoot. 

I am a mom and I understand the enormous adjustment of the first week so If you find that you can’t manage to call me out to do the shoot in for the first 10 days then just communicate with me and we can alter the arrangement to best fit in with both of us.  I do however ask that we try and keep it within the first month and I have other clients to give my full attention for the next month.

Prem babies have a longer photographic honeymoon period so if they are in hospital we can wait until they are happy at home before doing the shoot.

Newborn Photography Rates

Option one (Lifestyle Newborn Shoot):  R3800

  • Photoshoot has no time limit on it.  Average shoot takes 2 hours.
  • This is a more natural shoot of your baby in his / her home with her family.  Babies room, tiny features and family moments.
  • You will receive high res images in colour and black and white (50 edited images in my style) for you to print from.

** All newborn shoots to be done in the mornings and before 10 days of age if possible.  Weekend days extra R350.

Option Two (Lifestyle & Prop/Posing Newborn Shoot):  R4500

  • Photoshoot has no time limit on it.  Average shoot takes 2 – 4 hours to allow for feeds, settling etc.
  • Props, Hats, Headbands.  Styled newborn photography plus natural family photos.
  • You will receive high res images in colour and black and white (65 – 70 edited images in my style) for you to print from.

** All newborn shoots to be done in the mornings and before 10 days of age if possible.  Weekend days extra R350.


  • Animated Slideshow of your photos to a song of your choice supplied on dvd & as a youtube link so that you can share with family and friends.  (R450)
  • Coffee Table Books (R2800) 30x30cm or (R1800) 12cm x 12cm.  Books are printed and imported from the US so price subject to change.

*Please note discs are to be collected from Claremont.  Alternatively we can courier the package door to door at a cost of R150 extra.

*Travel cost of R6.50 per km is charged outside a 20km radius or you are welcome to come to me.

Email me to discuss your requirements on

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